The lazy days of summer!

May 20, 2015

Well, school is out for the summer around here; however, things never really slow down at Liberty University anymore. I have taught at this institution for 20 years now, and I have noticed a trend lately–that things don’t slow down all that much around here like they used to. Take for instance, just as little as five years ago, one could drive onto this campus the week after graduation, and it looked like a complete ghost town. Even the city of Lynchburg was different when school wasn’t in session. Things just weren’t very lively around town without the energy that the students bring.

Now, for what reasons I can’t explain, things don’t slow all that much anymore. I can’t see much difference from spring to summer to fall. The campus is almost just as busy now as it was three weeks ago when the over 14,000 residential students were here. Liberty offers a lot more summer residential classes now than it used to, for one reason. This is the second year that I have taught a digital photography class as a summer intensive. I have to say it is very different from a class during the regular semester. For one, there are a lot fewer students in a class; from over 20 sometimes to just a handful. I think that makes for better learning anyway. I also get to know each student better on a personal basis. The environment seems less stressful and more laid back. I really do enjoy these summer classes more! Below is a snapshot of my present digital photography class.

_DSC4585 copy

Students now taking basic digital photo–ARTS 361 over the summer: Rachel, Anna, Michael, Shannon, and Songhoe.


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