Reporting live from Fort Worth Texas…

March 1, 2014
_DSC0039 copy

The twice-daily cattle drive through the streets of the Stockyard district of Fort Worth. Cowboys have been shuffling the cattle through here continuously for the last two-hundred years. (photo by Mr. I)

This weekend I am out west in Fort Worth, Texas, attending a photojournalism conference put on by the organization, Christians in Photojournalism. The 3-day conference is hosted each winter on the campus of Southwestern Theological Seminary (it was 75 degrees and sunny in Fort Worth yesterday).

Last night’s speaker turned out to be from Charlottesville, VA. It’s funny that I had to travel 1200 miles to meet someone new in a field close to my own that was doing something great just one hour north of Lynchburg. Ron Londen, a photographer, who works with a communications company called The Journey Group, Inc. had a great presentation on learning from others mess ups, telling some humorous stories of things that he had done wrong throughout his photo career and the lessons that he learned through those experiences.

This morning’s early session featured freelance photographer, Christopher Capozziello, and his sobering documentary about his twin brother, Nick’s life-long battle with cerebral palsy. The 12-year long project entitled, The Distance Between Us, was a search on Chris’ behalf for answers to some of life’s most difficult questions. What a great documentary work!

I am looking forward to what’s coming up next. Stay tuned…


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