Mr. I attends annual CNPA meeting–Columbia, SC

February 13, 2012

I just returned from an incredible confrence which I try and attend each year; the annual Carolina’s Nature Photographers Association meeting. CNPA, as it is more widely known, just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. It currently boasts 1300 members, 400 of whom were at the annual meeting this past weekend. Keynote speaker at the confrence was the well-known travel photographer, Bob Krist. Other outstanding speakers included: digital infrared specialist, Debbie Sandidge, based in Florida, and master landscape photographer, Ed Heaton, from Pennsylvania. My good friend Bill Fortney was also present, showing off Nikon’s new flagship camera, the D4, as well as other Nikon equipment on the tradeshow floor.

I got to meet Bob Krist and have dinner with he and his dear wife Peggy, Deb Sandidge, and Bill Fortney. What a treat to be amoungst such great company! Many funny stories were being swapped around the diner table as we all tried what had been dubbed, “the best cheeseburger in the Columbia, SC area” (Bill rated it at 4.5 pickles out of 5 on his scale). I also got to fellowship with many fellow nature shooters that I regretfully only see once or twice a year now. I had a blessed time and it was a great shot in the arm with enthusiasm for more creativity in my own photography and teaching of it. Thank you Lord for great old friends, many new ones, and the thrill of being a nature photographer!–MR I.



  1. So I’m curious now.. what was the best burger in Columbus, SC??

    • and by “columbus”, I mean columbia.

  2. Jordan–the answer to your question is “The Backyard Grill.” It is a great little hole-in-the-wall, greesy local dive. Homemade icecream too! See Bill Fortney’s burger writeup on his blog by clicking on my name below.

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