You don’t need a lot of megapixels to get good photos!

October 10, 2011

Check out the photographs in this post. Look good? Well they were all taken with a 10-year-old Nikon D1 with a total of only 2.7 megapixels on it’s image sensor. On top of that, the lens used was a 25-year-old Tamron 60-300mm manual focus and manual aperture lens! Impressed now? My point is: don’t put so much emphasis on the equipment. It’s the photographer and their experience that make a good photograph. A good photographer can make a great photograph with just about any make, model, or type of camera! Concentrate on self-improvement, not buying the latest photo gagets.

These photos, by the way, were taken on Saturday. My children and I attended a free, yes free airshow up in Culpeper, VA. The weather was perfect and the airshow itself was a steal-of-a-deal at free. Great entertainment for the whole family! Plan on attending yourself next year, the second Saturday of October! http://www.culpeperairport.com/



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