Check out the abuse this camera went through…

April 6, 2011

The above camera is a very muddy Nikon D3. Photographer J.P. Carino, an avid bird photographer dropped it in the mud while out photographing in a swamp. Here’s how he recounts his story:

“I was using a floating blind to take photos of water birds but the water level that day was very low so I had to crawl it out in the mud to get the photos that I wanted. I was constantly pouring water on the LCD to take away the mud so I could view my photos. The lens installed on the body was a Nikkor 500 f/4 VR. After the shoot I cleaned the camera and placed it in my drying cabinet. It still works flawlessly: all the seals worked, not a single bit of grime got inside the camera.” Below is one of J.P.’s shots from that day.

photo by J.P. Carino


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