Valentines Day can be a lonely day for some…

February 15, 2011
photo by Ampersand Photography

Valentines Day can be a lonely holiday for some folks. If one doesn’t have a significant other in their life, it can easily become a day that seems to drag by at the slowest of paces. Well D.C. wedding and portrait photographer, Sarah Danaher, seems to have the correct perspective; and her photography is great to boot!

Here she is in her own words:

I am single. And sometimes that is hard. But I steadfastly believe that God is good, and all His ways are perfect, and that I am single for a reason. I hope that single isn’t always my reality, but today it is, and I am grateful for it.

But, as a single woman surrounded daily by friends in love, and family in love, and pictures of love, it can be an almost thoughtless thing to wish for what is to come instead of embracing today. The hoping is not bad. God created my heart to want marriage and motherhood. But when that hope turns from joyful expectation in Christ to discontent and despair because of my apparent “lack,” then it is bad.

So in a feeble attempt to turn my heart toward Christ— to learn to love as He loves, and to find my joy and stability in God— I began this blog. Every time I find something that I wish for or look forward to in loving a person, I also record a way that I am practicing that love today, in my current spheres of love.

Because life is more than finding a “true love.” Love is more than finding a “soulmate.” Friendship is more than sharing inside jokes and listening to the same music. It’s about giving, and sacrifice, and self-less-ness for the sake of other-more-ness. not for the sake of merit or “being good.”

We love because Christ first loved us. That is true love. That is what I’m waiting for. That is what I’m training for.

Today is my practice ground.

Feel free to view Sarah’s daily blog here. Or see her website called Ampersand Photography here.

photo by Ampersand Photography


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  1. Wow. Thanks so, so much for this feature. So kind of you to think of sharing my work.

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