World’s Largest Photoshop File = 750,000 layers

February 2, 2011
photo illustration by Bert Monroy

Self-described photo-realist painter, Bert Monroy, recently completed a four-year long single-image project called Times Square. The single work is actually a collage comprised of over 3,000 individual Illustrator and Photoshop files! There are also over 750,000 individual layers making up these 3,000 image files! The flattened JPEG version of Times Square is a whopping 6.52 gigabytes big. It’s overall dimensions are 60 inches high and 300 inches long.

Monroy says, “To me, it is not the destination that is important—it is the journey. The incredible challenge of recreating reality is my motivation.”

To really be blown away, click here and be taken to Monroy’s website where you can zoom in and move around in the image.


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