Great to have Gary Cosby Jr. at Liberty U. last Tuesday!

November 5, 2010

Wow, it was great to have photojournalist, Gary Cosby Jr. with me on Tuesday to address each of my Liberty University photography classes! Each of his five different presentations was outstanding! I admired the courageous way he is able to weave his Christian faith into his secular job as a photojournalist in today’s hostile media environment. Gary had some great advise to share with my photo students about ethics in photojournalism, and also, more personally, shared his code of conduct while on the job. Gary said that his job as a photojournalist is to rejoice with someone during the highlights in their lives, and also weep with them during life’s lowest points as well; then share those images with the community, so they can do the same.

During Gary’s evening presentation which was open to the public, he shared for the first time publicly the story of the recent death of his two-year old son. While Gary was working on an extensive photo essay about parents with children who have Down Syndrome, his youngest son, Reese, also with Down Syndrome, died unexpectantly in his sleep. Gary shared about how he was initially mad at God for taking his son away, but how God eventually changed his mind, and how he has now learned to live victoriously in the midst of it all; looking forward to the day when he and Reese would see each other again in heaven. Gary then courageously finished the Down Syndrome photo essay, and it was published by his newspaper on Easter Sunday of this year. Many of the audience members were touched by Gary’s story and in tears at this point.

Thank you so much Gary for being open to God’s direction in your life! Thank you for sacrificing your time to come to Lynchburg, Virginia and address my students!  May God bless you and your family greatly as you continue to serve Him with your talents as a photojournalist. Click here to see what Gary had to say about his visit to LU. Click here to see the special photo essay Gary produced on Down Syndrome.


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