Special speaker coming to LU on Nov. 2!

October 19, 2010

Gary Cosby, Jr., a photojournalist working for the Decatur, Alabama, Daily newspaper will be here on campus to speak all day on November 2, 2010. Mark your calendars now…you won’t want to miss this! Mr. Cosby is a seasoned veteran photojournalist, as well as a born-again Christian, and will be sharing his latest and greatest photographs with us, and in addition, giving us the “behind the scenes” scoop on how he got the shots.

Mr. Cosby (no relation to the more famous “Bill” Cosby) will be speaking to each of MR. I’s photography classes on Nov. 2, and in each one addressing a different topic. His topics will include:

Visual Ethics that include shooting situations and Photoshop/production ethics.

Favorite Images with a bit on how he got each one.

Positioning for success, which includes both being in the right place and also having the right mindset/attitude.

Reece’s Impact which will include the “Upside of Down” project (a photo essay about parents raising children with Down Syndrome).

Faith and Photojournalism–the integration of our Christian faith into everything we do.

Mr. Cosby will also conclude the day with an evening session, open to the public, in Towns’ Auditorium, at 7pm that evening. You can view more of Gary’s work at his blog here. Plan now to attend these events!


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