My first attempt at time-lapse photography!

August 24, 2010

Here is the result of my first personal attempt at doing some time-lapse photography. I was driving up a curvy mountain road on my way from Lenoir, NC to Grandfather Mountain on Sunday morning; when about halfway up, I noticed this fog bank moving around in the valley below. I have seen great examples of shooting such a natural event, and knew it would make a cool video.

To make a time-lapse, you need your camera on a tripod. The camera needs to be rock solid still for all the shots. You also need a remote shutter release in order to take a picture without disturbing the camera. You need to think about how many pictures it will take to appropriately document the movement you are intending to show in your video. You also must determine about how far apart you should take each photograph. Time was a limiting factor here for me. I only had a few minutes to spare or I would be late for the meeting I was driving to.

The resulting 6 second video is made up of 34 different still shots that were taken approximately 10 second apart. I wish I had more time to make more photographs of the scene, and then my video could have been longer. Anyway, I hope this sparks some interest in trying this yourself.


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  1. Very neat!

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