MR I’s second favorite new feature of CS5…

April 19, 2010

Here is my second favorite new feature of Photoshop CS5: Incredible new noise reduction controls located in the Adobe Camera Raw converter dialog box. The power of these new sliders is amazing! This is going to revolutionize my photography and anyone else’s who can’t afford to have a Nikon D3x or Canon 1D Mark IV with such low light sensitivity. I shot the example photo below  at ISO 1600 with my D80. It introduces some significant noise at this high an ISO. Well with CS5, no problem. It takes care of it within seconds. This fix took me under two minutes to correct for. By the way, Lightroom 3 will have the same noise reduction features. Truly amazing!


One comment

  1. this feature is my favorite! It’s almost worth buying the whole program just for that! haha

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