Wildlife killed by garbage floating in ocean

October 31, 2009

Here is an extemely sad and graphic story about a large body of plastic garbage that is reportedly floating off the coast of California. Birds and other wildlife are apparently mistaking some of the trash for food and ingesting it. Photographer, Chris Jordan, found a way to share the heartbreaking situation with others by photographing the carcasses of the dead birds he incountered on a small Pacific island. Here is the link to the story. Here is the link to more of Jordan’s disturbing photos. Here is a link to a story on the trash by the Wall Street Journal. It is encouraging, however,  to see how one person with a camera can make an impact if they so choose.



  1. That is a really powerful image. I’m not passionate about animals or the environment, but I ended up clicking the picture to read more about it anyways… Good find.

  2. This is so sad! I’m passionate about recycling and making sure that I contribute the smallest amount of garbage as possible into the environment. It’s upsetting to see what happens to our earth and wildlife that have to deal with most people’s laziness because they just throw their garbage anywhere they choose and don’t even make an effort to keep our environment nice. Powerful photographs. This should make people want to think twice about polluting.

  3. This is a nasty photo, but I like it because it conveys the problem effectively and without any room for confusion on what is causing it.

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